It's a dirty job, which is why we love it.

Simplot Grower Solutions Crop Advisors and agronomy experts are the foundation of our trusted reputation with farmers. We dig in on a local level to deliver field-proven advice and explore innovative ways to help you optimize your resources and profits.

Field Analysis

We have adopted a systematic approach of collecting data relevant to discovering what variables are impacting our crops. Our goal is to provide sound assessments through collection of accurate data. Those that are investing in CROPTICS can expect to be ahead of the curve in projects such as resistance management and disease management on their farms. 

Farm Data Records

Starting at your kitchen table and sticking with your farm management all through the season, we help you to set goals, track information across seasons, and develop a big picture view of your operations. We will help you to detail your farm plan, field by field, to really get an idea of what is happening and how you can handle challenges that you may face throughout the season.


We believe that continuous learning is the key to providing sustainable solutions for the future of Agriculture. It is critical to pair new technology with knowledgeable experts and our team dedicates their time to gaining new knowledge and sharing that knowledge with you. Through initiatives such as our agPROVE Trial Program and our Agronomy Den Newsletter and Conferences, our team is ensuring that we stay at the forefront of development in agriculture. 

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