Advancing Technology in Ag

We are excited to have a dedicated team to help you utilize the new technology available. This technology can help you to better quantify never-before measured agronomics, acknowledge field and seasonal variability, optimize logistics and farm tasks, and improve overall farm economics. Through our iFARM platform and the Ag Innovation team, we will enable growers to make better decisions based on data, knowledge, science, and probabilities.

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An exclusive program that uses a substantial amount of soil testing to deliver a custom variable rate fertility prescription based on segmented portions of your field. Utilizing SWAT Maps (Soil, Water, and Topography) to unlock your soil potential through generating short- and long-term improvements to farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Through this process, our team is able to ensure a quality prescription that is backed by accurate data to optimize your growing acres.
Weather Station

Field Moisture Services

Together with our partners at UKKO Agro and Crop Intelligence, we are enabling more informed agronomic decision-making through interpreting weather station data. Using crop available moisture, accumulative rainfall and expected precipitation to model yield potential throughout the growing season.
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We believe that better data results in better production outputs. With SprayConnect, we can create variable rate spray application prescriptions using satellite imagery to measure vegetation in the field. Do you have acres that don’t require a treatment? Are they right beside the acres that do? Not every acre is the same and now we don’t have to treat them that way. SprayConnect allows you to treat only necessary acres.

Ag Innovation Tools

We use a variety of tools and technology to capture the best data to help you make agronomic decisions for your farm. Our toolbox is constantly changing and currently includes products and services such as AgWorld, Farm TRX, Climate Fieldview and iCart. Reach out to your local SGS Crop Advisor if you want to learn more about our cutting edge technology. 


We have a whole team that is dedicated to bringing innovation in agriculture to the forefront of our customers’ minds and farms. We are constantly researching and learning new and better ways to collect and use data so that you can stay one step ahead of the unpredictable. 

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